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Now You Can Also Get a Verified Account on Instagram

You can now request a verified account badge on your Instagram profile

There’s nothing more flashy today than a verified account on Instagram, and now you can get one too.

The blue check sign on ones Instagram profile is one of the most prestigious statuses of today. And while many brands and public figures are still awaiting verification, the company made it possible for everyone to apply for one.

Yes! Everyone!

The steps are simple, all you need to have at hand is the device you access your account from, and a piece of identification (ID card, passport, driver’s license, etc,).

How to request a verified account:

Open your profile, navigate to the settings menu, scroll down to find “Request Verification” and click it.

Once inside, you will need to provide Instagram with you complete name, as well as a form of government issued identification document.

Verified account page - Instagram

For this reason, it is important that your profile name or email matches your true name. Otherwise, it might take a while for Instagram to verify your account, or they might even reject your request.

After that, all you can do is wait. You will shortly after receive a notification that tells you if your request has been approved or denied. Either way, you can reapply and try your luck again after 30 days.

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