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Water Ice found On The Moon

The moon - Scientists have found water ice on the lunar surface

For the first time ever, scientists are positive that frozen water exists on the surface of the moon.

With every major announcement (discovery), Nasa is changing everything we thought we knew about the universe. Now, they have found frozen water (ice) on the lunar surface.

Scientists found the ice inside large shadowy craters in the lunar north and south poles, which could serve as sources of water in future manned missions to the moon. The frozen water reserves could also make trips longer and more effective.

Most of the ice lies inside deep, shadowy craters, where temperatures are always below -157 degrees Celsius due to lack of sunlight.

The discovery was made with help from Nasa’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument, the same one that was on board the 2008 Indian Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft.

While previous news about the discovery of water were attributed to highly reflective soul, this is the first time scientists have confirmed their existence.

Since these vast reserves sit on the surface of the moon, they will be easier to access than previously discovered underground ice.

This new discovery could possibly be a cornerstone to ambitions seeking to build a permanent lunar base. Both Chinese and European space agencies have revealed plans of future missions to the moon.

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