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This is How Long You Should Dunk Oreos in Milk

how long should you dunk an oreo cookie in milk

Oreo cookies dunked in milk is just about anybody’s favorite snack, and now we know how to do it best.

Just like dunking any cookie into any beverage, dunking Oreo cookies in milk can be tricky. It either comes back hard and dry, or so soft it crumbles and falls back into your glass.

Luckily for us, HuffPost Taste decided to try out different timings and share their results with us.

For the experiment, they decided to use the original Oreo cookies and 2 percent milk.

The cookies were dunked halfway into the milk for two and a half seconds, five seconds, ten seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 25 seconds, 35 seconds, 45 seconds and 60 seconds.

The outcome was astonishing. It will take much more time than you’d think to break and Oreo cookie.

For a slightly moist cookie, anywhere between two and a half seconds and 5 seconds is fine. But for a slightly softer cookie you want to push closer to 10 seconds.

However, while testers were “worried” that the cookie might collapse after 10 seconds, it took as much as 60 seconds for it to break apart.

There you have it. Anything under a minute is a perfect soaking time for your Oreo cookies, so just dunk, don’t worry, and enjoy!


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