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Boxers Or Briefs, Which is Better for Men’s Health?

which is better for men's health, boxers or briefs

Some men prefer briefs, while others like boxers, but the truth is that one is bad for your health.

Choosing male underwear can be tricky, because it can be more about health than it is about fashion and looks.

The most common types of underwear for men are the briefs, and either loose or tight boxers. While the briefs have recently been regarded to as old-fashioned, men’s underwear closer to the boxers have been around for longer.

Now let’s get down to business. It is better to opt for boxer than briefs.

First of all, boxers are looser and cooler, and this means much for your health. Boxers keep the testicles cooler, which promotes fertility and proper health. At the same time, they are not tight like briefs and promote constant blood flow to the area.

On the other hand, briefs are known to limit blood flow, and keep testicles squished together.

So when given the option between tight boxers and loose boxers, you know which to choose. The ones that more comfortable, obviously.

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