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The Lip Balm Paradox

sometimes lip balm doesn't do dry and chapped lips any good

Do you feel that your lips get more chapped every time you use lip balm? Where there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

There’s nothing more annoying than having lips so dry and chapped that they hurt. You feel like they will bleed if you try to move them. Then you put on some lip balm and they become moist and soft, and stop hurting, but just for a moment.

Before you know it, they are chapped again and you can not have enough lip balm. No matter how much you use, they will only end up worse than you started out with.

Well there are two explanations, and one conspiracy. Let’s start with the latter.

Chapped lips conspiracy theorists believe that cosmetics companies design lip balm in a way that makes you addicted. They soften your lips for a while but dry them out in the long run. This has however not been proven.

But what specialists agree on is that some balms contain ingredients that some people’s lips can’t tolerate, causing irritation and further dryness.

The thirds and most usual reason is that some balms containing petroleum jelly, which can promote your skin to stop storing moisture naturally.

If you’re suffering from dry and chapped lips, it is always best to consult your dermatologists before using any remedy, and always make sure to avoid the commercial types.

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