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Starbucks Are Dumping The Iconic Green Straw

Starbucks are dumping the plastic green straws for sippy cups

Listen up millennials, you might not get a green straw next time you visit Starbucks, but a sippy cup.

In efforts to promote pollution free lifestyles, Starbucks are eliminating the iconic plastic green straw and are instead introducing adult sippy cups.

Well, at least it seems fit for most millenials (joke).

On monday, the worldwide coffee chain said that it has plans to rid all branches from single-use plastic straws by 2020.

They also said that alongside straws made from alternative materials, they will introduce cups that have sippy cup lids.

Certain branches already have the new strawless lid, which ironically looks like a baby’s sippy cup – fit for Starbucks addicts (casual drinkers are cool). It is mostly used for cold and/or foamy drinks.

Environmentally minded fans hauled the idea, and are already asking that the straws are pulled from stores close to them.

Because of soaring pollution levels around the world, local governments and companies are opting to use plastic-free products and refrain from single use plastics.

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