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Wear This Louis Vuitton Bracelet & Donate To UNICEF

wear these silver lockit bracelet from Louis Vuitton and donate to children in need through UNICEF

Help raise money for children in need by wearing these stylish silver bracelets from Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton has announced a new line of bracelets as part of the ongoing partnership with UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund.

A portion of every sale of these Silver Lockit Color Bracelets will be donated to the organization that focuses on helping children in need.

The sales price of the bracelets is $250, of which $100 will go to UNICEF. However, since the Silver Lockit Pendant and Bracelet sell for more, $200 out of their price will be donated.

The luxury fashion house explained that the “sterling silver replica of the Louis Vuitton iconic padlock is a symbol of protection.”

In January 2016, Louis Vuitton helped raise $2.5 million in funds, and $5 million throughout the whole partnership.

The bracelets come in many colors and can be worn daily, with virtually any outfit. To check them out and/or make an order, click here.

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