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Mysterious Buyer Spends $1 Million at Toys ‘R’ Us One Day Before Shutdown

anonymous buys spend $1 million at toys r us before they closed down

An anonymous shopper has spent $1 million on toys from Toys ‘R’ Us branch just one day before they closed for good.

The purchase was so big that the Toy ‘R’ Us store in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, didn’t even get to open on their last scheduled day.

 The buyer seems to have bought up all remaining toys in the stores, and will allegedly donate them to underprivileged children.

Instead of helping customers and conducting usual tasks, staff spent their last day at work emptying shelves of toys into boxes.

The buyer, whose identity has not been revealed, had requested that all of the boxes be loaded onto trucks.

One employee told media that they “don’t have that much inventory” and that the $1 million-worth of toys were bought at various locations.

Once one of the world’s largest toys retailer, Toys ‘R’ Us filed for bankruptcy last September. By March, they had 735 stores left in the US, and only 200 as of last week.

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