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Why Are Quikkies Hair Extensions Becoming So Popular?

quikkies hair extensions are close to natural hair

Forget the clip-ons and sew-ins, when it comes to hair extensions, quikkies are the only way to go.

Visit any hair salon you know and you’ll realize that they all offer a variety of hair extensions. While you have many types to choose from, one has been standing out lately – the quikkies.

Quikkies tape in hair extensions have become popular for many reasons, but mainly their practicality.

Without any tools or equipment needed, Quikkies are attached by safe, seamless tape, which lies invisible underneath your natural hair.

They are easy to attach, can be worn for weeks, and can be washed, styles and combed with your natural hair without any fear.

Unlike clip-ons, they are not heavy, nor are they as uncomfortable. Instead, they are taped on to the hair with small strips of tape that can attach strongly but be easily removed once you want them to.

Able to hang on for 18 weeks straight, most models come modified so that you can take them off, change the adhesive strip, and then simply tape them on again.

Do you have any favorite type of hair extensions? Share your thoughts with us and let our readers know,

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