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A Woman’s Own Immune System Saved Her From Breast Cancer

immunotheraphy involving t-cells from one's own immune system saved woman from breast cancer

A women has been completely cured of terminal breast cancer after doctors modified her own immune system to attack the tumor.

When all treatments had failed to heal Judy Perkins, a 49-year-old engineer from Florida, from her late-stage breast cancer, doctors selected her to undergo a cutting edge treatment involving tweaking her own immune system.

Her doctors had given her only three more years to live, knowing that her cancer had begun to spread to her liver.

Miraculously, the treatment succeeded when all other types of conventional treatments failed. This remains however the first ever successful implementation of T-cell immunotherapy.

It was the genius work of Dr. Steven Rosenberg and his team at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland.

Immunotherapy involves modifying the body’s very own immune system to fight off different types cancer and has been applied for years. However, no previous attempt has been this successful, especially immunotherapy attempts on breast cancer.

Ms Perkins has now been completely free from cancer for over two years, and no she has no signs of it ever returning. The new technique was based on an existing method known as adoptive cell transfer, commonly used to treat melanoma.

Doctors took T-cells that are designed to attack mutated cells within tumors and grew them in a lab, only to introduce them to the patient’s body in large numbers.

Dr. Rosenberg and his team had to sequence genetic material from one of Ms. Perkins’ tumors to identify its mutations. They then looked for T-cells capable of targeting those mutations in specific.

The entire experiment and results were published in the journal Nature Medicine.

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