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Much Anticipated Angry Birds World Now Open At DFC

Angry Birds World theme park just opened at Doha Festival City in Qatar

The first Angry Birds World theme park in the world just opened its doors at the Doha Festival City in Qatar.

The indoor section of a theme park based on the popular bird flicking game Angry Birds has finally opened up in Doha Festival City after a long wait.

Out of the 17,000 square meters that will eventually be Angry Birds World, 6,500 square meters of family fun is now available.

Alike any theme park, it includes a number of rides and attractions, all unique to the Angry Birds theme.


Among their major attraction is ‘Big Tree’, a 17 meter-high structure that delivers interactive experiences for children and adults alike. There, they can learn about the basics of science, improve their musical skills or develop their craftsmanship.

Connected to the structure is ‘Own the Sky,’ a roller glider on a 106M zip line that shoots you through the air at supersonic speeds.

There’s also a ropes course challenge called the ‘Fierce Flight’ and a laser gun battleground called ‘Epic Battle’.

But most impressively, the facility has a life-size adaptation of the popular game Angry Birds GO!, which is played on the world’s first indoor and outdoor multi-level karting track.

During Ramadan, you can visit Angry Birds World with the entire family from 7:30 PM until midnight.

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