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How To Clean Your White Sneakers in Washing Machine

how to clean your white shows using a washing machine

Nothing stands out like a pair fresh, white sneakers. But when they get dirty, cleaning them can be a hassle.

Keeping you favorite white shoes neat and clean can be tricky. But luckily for you, we know how you can throw them into a washing machine without completely ruining them.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that your shoes are delicate and can not handle the washing machine’s spin cycle, especially if it’s on one of the harder levels.

No matter how dirty you believe they are, always wash them using cold water. And also, never put any other clothing item with them in the washer.

Add as much washing detergent as you would to a small wash, set the temperature to cold, and start a full cycle with minimal spin.

Once the wash cycle is done, you’ll notice that your shoes are still extremely wet. If you tumble dry them or dry them using heat, the glue that holds them together could come off.

Therefore, stuff them with used newspapers and let them air dry. It can take a few hours, or even few days, but in the end you’ll have clean white shoes to sport.

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