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KFC Will Be Healthier by 2025

KFC are looking to have healthier chicken and will cut calories by 2025

The fast food chain KFC have promised to give us a healthier menu with a lot less calories per serving.

We have great news for you. In 7 years, you’ll be able to eat a whole bucket of fried chicken at KFC, guilt free!

The popular chicken joint have announced that they will roll out a new menu, which will have 20 percent less calories per serving.

Giving it a second thought however, 80% of the calories found in a KFC meal is still pretty damn much.

And believe it or not, they are looking into creating some vegetarian options. Currently, all their meals have chicken.

They also said that they will start offering customers healthier sides, and are considering only offering diet carbonated drinks.

But thank god, they will not change the Colonel’s famous secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

All of this sounds great, but will it still be KFC? If you love the place just the way it is, you have until 2025 to enjoy it. After that, it’s all veggies and diet cokes.

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