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How To Beat The Summer Heat in Qatar

how to stay cool in the summer heat in qatar

When you say summer in Qatar, the first thing you remember is the melting summer heat. This is how you can cope with it.

If you’ve lived in Qatar for a while you would know that it can be impossible to go outside during the day during summer. As soon as you step out of your cooler home or car, a punch radiating summer heat hits you in the face and you feel like you’ve just walked into a furnace.

While the good ‘ol air conditioner is most people’s favorite option, you cannot, sadly, carry one with you outside. At same time, not all people around the world could afford one, so these tricks can help anyone.

First of all, don’t wear or sleep on anything that is made from any fabric other than cotton. Make sure that your clothes are 100% cotton or linen, and your bed sheets, blankets and pillowcases are made from Egyptian cotton, since cotton is an excellent ventilator.

To make things extra cool, you could try putting your underwear and blankets in the freezer. A few hours before having to wear clothes or using blankets, put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. They won’t remain cold all day/night, but long enough to cool you down.

Another way to beat the summer heat at night, is to freeze a water bottle and keeping it between your feet or hands while you sleep. This method is good because ice takes some time to melt, which gives a few hours of cold.

How do you stay cool during summer? Share your tips and tricks with us, we are sure that others would love to hear them.

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