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Tesla Model X Just Broke A Guinness World Record

the tesla model x electric car just teamed up with qantas to break a guinness world record

Tesla Motors teamed up with Qantas airline to do what no other electric car has done, and broke a Guinness World Record.

The Tesla Model X P100D just became the first passenger electric car to tow a passenger plane. The Australian airline Qantas lent the battery powered car a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which it pulled with ease.

The car pulled the gigantic airplane across a strip for almost 300 meters.

The attempt was recognized by Guinness, who presented the car with a certificate of a Guinness World Record for heaviest tow by an electric production passenger vehicle.

Although the Tesla is known for its towing abilities, it was pretty impressive to witness the tiny electric car pull a full-size jet.

It is believed that electric vehicles could cut down airplane emissions if they helped them across the runway.

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