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Change Your Twitter Password Now!

Twitter is urging users to change their password

As strange as it seems, Twitter are calling on all their users to go ahead and change their passwords immediately.

Social media platform Twitter have asked all of their 330 million users to change their account passwords, after the company discovered a bug that put them on risk.

Although there has been “no indication of a breach or misuse by anyone,” according to the a blogpost issued by Twitter, the bug was found to save passwords for accounts without proper encryption.

Users who logged into site on Thursday afternoon received a pop-up message that asked them to change their password “out of an abundance of caution”.

The announcement explained that the bug meant that passwords were “unmasked in an internal log,” but not anymore.

While the company assured people that there was no evident “breach or misuse”, you should still, as a user, go ahead and change your password.

Actually, you should make sure to routinely change all passwords you use online, and make sure to make them as complex and non-personal as possible so that they can’t be figured out even by the people closest to you.

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