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You’re Never Really in Incognito Mode

incognito mode, your online activities are not hidden in private mode while browsing the internet

You may believe that you’re safe browsing in incognito mode (private mode), but many are monitoring your activity.

Switching to incognito mode, as it is known in Google Chrome (private mode in other browsers), means that you are browsing through the web and don’t want anyone to pick up what you were looking for.

Well reality could not be further from the truth.

While such features block your browsing activities from being saved on the computer, employers and internet service provider can still monitor your activity.

After a recent study by the University of Chicago, it was evident that many people are unaware of the fact that their online activities are not private.

The 460 participants returned the following results:

  • 53 percent believed that their search history wouldn’t be saved
  • 46.5 percent believed that bookmarks save in incognito mode would be hidden
  • 40.2 percent believed that incognito mode would hide their location
  • 25.2 percent believed that their public IP address would be hidden

All of them were wrong.

The only thing private mode really hides for you, is your online activities on your own computer. So your partner might not find them, but people whose job it is to find out thing about will.

So next time you switch to private browsing, remember that someone, somewhere, is monitoring you.

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