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Unofficial Sequels for Popular Movies

popular movies like jaws and raging bull have unofficial sequels

What happens when studios leave us hanging and don’t give our favorite movie a sequel? An unofficial one happens.

There are many reason why studios chose not to invest in making sequels for popular movies, but sometimes fans just won’t take it. Whether the plans for a follow-up were there before or it is fan-created, some have defied all odds and made them.

Never Say Never Again

We all know and love the charming British agent 007, aka James Bond. While you believe that you might have watched all of the film in the series, you might have missed this one. After Thunderball came a this rouge movie, which was released at the same year as Octopussy.

Raging Bull 2

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro gave us one of the best movies of all time with Raging Bull. And although the two had thought the story to be done, real life Jake LaMotta, the movies maid protagonist had other ideas.

Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws

Who finished the original Jaws and thought: well, one is not enough, let’s go and make more? Nobody sane I can assure you. Jaws is a great movie, but one is enough. However, Italian filmmaker Bruno Mattei thought otherwise and came out with Jaws 5 in 1995.

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