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Troy: Fall of a City Now on Netflix

Relive the events that led to the fall of the city of troy in Troy fall of a city on netflix

We have seen the story of the ancient city of Troy in many lights, but never like this before.

We have all heard, read or watched the story about how the Trojans protected the city of Troy from the invading Spartans after prince Paris of Troy ran away with Helen of Sparta. But it has never been this dark, action-packed, and sexy.

Troy: Fall of a City is a British-American collaborative production mini series that was aired on BBc One in Britain, and on Netflix internationally (since April 6).

According to Greek mythology, the Trojan War started after Prince Paris of Troy took Helen of Sparta, wife of King Menelaus, and fleet to Troy.

Refusing to give her back, the city was sieged for ten years, which after strong Trojan defense, ended in the total destruction of the city.

The story has been made into many series and movies before, but the beauty and captivity of it is always in the details.

The eight-episode limited series was written by David Farr, Nancy Harris, Mika Watkins, and Joe Barton, and directed by Owen Harris and Mark Brozel. It stars Louis Hunter, Bella Dayne, David Threlfall, Frances O’Connor, Tom Weston-Jones, Joseph Mawle, Chloe Pirrie, Johnny Harris, David Gyasi, and Jonas Armstrong among many others.

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