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Three Alternative DIY Uses for Jello

uses for Jello gelatin, like marshmallows and hair dye

The wiggly and jiggly dessert was every child’s favorite, but you can use for more than just a jello cake.

When you hear the word jello, few things come to mind, but they are all in fact one. It can come with bits and pieces of fruits in it or in layers of different flavors, it can come in a large bowl or small cups, but you’ve never had/seen jello like this before.

Jello-moist cake

Get a box of moist cake mix and prepare it as directed. After it’s ready, poke holes all over the surface of your cake with the help of a fork. Make sure not to destroy it however. Prepare some jello mix and pour it over the cake whilst liquid, put it in the fridge, and let it cool.

Hair dye

Jello contains natural food coloring, which can also be used to dye hair. In a bowl, mix a pack of jelly powder with hair conditioner. Rub Vaseline on your forehead, ears and neck to prevent the colorants from sticking to your skin. Apply the jello-conditioner to your hair and make sure you cover it all, then wrap your hair with a warm towel and let it rest for about an hour. The color will last about 8 washes.


Believe it or not, marshmallows and jello are not so different. While jello is flavored gelatin, marshmallows are simply just unflavored gelatin. Substitute the gelatin part of any homemade marshmallow mix with jello and get tasty flavored marshmallows.

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