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There’s A Paris in China Called Tianducheng

The city of Tianducheng, China, is known as the Chinese Paris and even has its own Eiffel Tower

The Chinese city of Tianducheng was built to resemble the French capital, it even has its own Eiffel Tower.

While the world has theme parks with roller coasters and water rides, China has theme parks themed after famous cities around the world. Instead of flying from half a day to reach Europe, Chinese people who want to visit Paris can simply head to Tianducheng.

Tianducheng is one of the most popular mock-cities in China, with thousands of people travelling from across the country to visit it each year.

Dubbed Paris of the East, the $600 million city was created in 2007 by a property group. Spread over 31 square kilometers, it is covered in Parisian style architecture, complete with fountains and landscaping.

The city is situated just outside the cosmopolitan city of Hangzhou, and even has a knockoff Eiffel Tower that stands 108 meters tall.

It is about one third the size and length of the original Eiffel Tower, which was built for the 1889 World Expo in Paris.

Although the city was built to accommodate up to 10,000 residents, it is believed that as few as only 2,000 people permanently reside there.

The French capital is not the only city that has a Chinese twin. Less than two hours from Tianducheng, in Shanghai, there’s are mock cities that resemble towns in Germany, Italy and Holland.

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