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5 Tips for Better Sleep Quality

Troubles falling asleep Get better sleep quality with these tips

Having trouble falling asleep at nights? Many factors can affect the way you sleep, and we know how to beat them.

Poor sleep quality doesn’t only affect your mood, but also your health. Whether your lack of sleep is cause by pain or soft lights, there’s almost always something you can do to get better sleep.

Limit your naps

Throughout the day, try not to nap, or keep your naps 20 minutes or less. Too much sleep during daytime can disrupt your sleep cycle and keep you up at night.

Leg pillow

Lower back pain can be one of the reasons you’re not getting quality sleep, even if it’s just mild pain. You can help ease the pressure on your lower back by placing a pillow between your legs and position yourself sideways.


The position you sleep in has a big impact on how you wake up the morning after. If you wake up tired and with a stiff neck, it could be because your neck is not aligned with your back. Maintain a straight posture and make sure that your pillow is not too high or too low.

Bedroom off-limits

Your body is a complex thing that adapts very quickly. If you spend too much in your bedroom not sleeping, your body will stop recognizing it a relaxing place.

Read books and watch TV in another room and move into the bedroom only once you’re ready to doze off.

Light Dinners

Watch what you eat during the hours leading up to bedtime. A heavy dinner can be hard to digest and you’ll wake up more exhausted than rested.

If you are to eat close to bedtime, eat something light and small.

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