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Netherlands Makes All Citizens Organ Donors

New law makes everyone in Holland an organ donor

The Netherlands have passed a bill that makes every Dutch citizen an organ donor unless they opt out.

Senators in Holland have approved of a new law will make all adult citizen organ donors after their deaths, unless they choose not to.

The bill was approved by the parliament over a year ago, and was just passed by the upper house of the parliament this week.

Under the new system, all people over the age of 18 who are not registered as organ donors will be receiving a letter asking them to whether or not they would agree to donate after they are announced dead.

People will be given the choice to reply with a yes, a no, or to put the decision in the hands of a kin or close friend of their choosing.

Those who don’t send back an answer, are automatically considered to have agreed to the terms.

The bill could help save thousands of lives annually, as many people who are in need of organ transplants usually spend years waiting.

All that is left is for the bill to be signed by Dutch King Willem-Alexander and a minister at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

The law will come into effect in July 2020 after a publicity awareness campaign.

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