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Frenchman Pierre Daniel Will Run Around Qatar

French Pierre Daniel will run around the country of Qatar

Pierre Daniel will become the first person to run around the entire country of Qatar, on his own.

For an entire week, Pierre Daniel, a Brand & Marketing Lead at the Aspire Zone Foundation will run around the peninsula, becoming the first man to cover the 139 kilometer route on foot. And he will do it on his own.

Carrying his own rations and water, Daniel will not have the support of his team while he scales the desert for water from wells and farms he crosses paths with.

In theory, the run is impossible – across the desert, alone, for a week, with no outside help. However, Daniel has been in tough spots before and endured a lot throughout his career.

“I was quite active from a very young age. I started playing ice hockey really early and 20 years later, I played in the Premier League as a goalkeeper for the Les Ducs D’Angers Elite team. In recent years, I’ve changed my lifestyle to include even better nutrition and exercises. So yes, I think I’m ready for the challenge,” he told Qatar Living.

Once the challenge has been completed, not will he only be celebrated as a superhuman, but might also advance to set a Guinness World Record.

He will start his journey from Katara Cultural Village on Sunday, February 18, at 7 AM. By the end of the first day he is expected to have reached Dhakira port (55 km) and Al Ruwais (60 km) by the second day.

Pierre Daniel run course

The course – Qatar Living

On day three, while on his way from Al Ruwais to Zekreet (120 km), he will be attempting his first world record bid, as well as on day four and day five, when he’ll run from Zekreet to Um Bab (30 km) and from Um Bab to Salwa (55 km), respectively.

On day 6, Daniel will head from Salwa to Sealine Resort (80 km), before he heads back into Katara from Sealine on the last day (60 km).

If you want to meet Pierre Daniel at the finish line, he is expected to arrive at 10:30 AM, on Saturday, February 24.

The run is sponsored by MBM transport, Katara, Aspire Zone, Garmin, Xtork and Pro-TV.

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