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Foods You Think Are Healthy But Really Aren’t

Many foods you believe are part of a healthy diet are actually full of sugar rather than saturated fat

Here’s a list of five foods people believe are healthy and good for you, but are in fact just bad for you.

Following a healthy diet has become a worldwide trend, but many of the foods you believe could be part of a healthy diet are actually more harmful than good.

Fat-free and low-fat foods

Since most of us believe that saturated fat is the worst thing ever, we run after fat-free foods. Since fat-free food isn’t as tasty, companies add a lot of sugar to make them taste better, and sugar is much more harmful than saturated fat.

Fruit juice

Unless you’ve made the juice yourself, there’s a big chance you’re drinking a mixture of water, sugar and colorants. Either way, what you really need from the fruit is the flesh, that is why it’s best to make your own and to include floats.

Rice cakes

They feel light and they taste light, but they are not light at all. Rice cakes don’t have fiber or protein, but they are however full of carbs. Next time you munch on some, keep in mind that you’re consuming calories without feeling it.

Granola bars

No matter what brand they are, granola bars are full of sugar. Yes, they have a lot of fibers, nuts and fruits, but they are also high in sugar and calories.


Pretzels, although fat and sugar free, they have no nutritious value whatsoever. However, they do contain high levels of sodium, which is bad for you.

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