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Natural Toothache Home Remedies

cure hurting tooth pain with one of these toothache remedies

There are few things in this world that are as annoying and painful as a toothache. Learn how you can easily cure it at home.

Everyone hates that restless pain of a toothache. You resort to heavy doses of painkillers, which never work, or go to the scary dentist to receive a treatment that is even more painful. But what if we told you that there are home remedies?

You can easily rid yourself of toothache, and possibly even cure your bad tooth, with the help of these simple solutions:


Not the tastiest, but one of the most effective ways to tackle toothache. Peel a clove of garlic and gently chew it and place it over the hurting tooth. If it doesn’t take the pain away after a few minutes, do it all over again. That second clove will surely suffice.

Peppermint Tea

Although it appears to be an innocent drink, peppermint extract is a powerful antiseptic solution that can do wonders. Let a few peppermint leaves sit in hot water for about 30 minutes, and your meds are ready. Drink it, gargle it, or brush with it. It helps either way.


Still not the tastiest option, but could take on the taste of garlic anyday. Cut out a piece of onion and either chew it or rub it on the hurting tooth. The pain should go away after a few minutes.

Lemon skin

Not only will Lemon skin cure your pain, but it will also leave you with fresh breath. Peel a lemon and grind its skin with a tablespoon of salt. Rub the mixture directly onto the affected area, or use it as toothpaste substitute.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This solution might require a run down to the drugstore, but it’ll be worth it. Mix one part of hydrogen peroxide with two parts water, and use the mixture as mouthwash.

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