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Welcome WhatsApp Business

create a profile for your business with the whatsapp business app

Customer service has never been as easy, nor as efficient, as it is with WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business is not an update of the app, but a completely new version of the direct messaging app used by hundreds of millions around the world.

While the app you’re using wants you to connect with friends and family, WhatsApp Business’ main purpose is to connect businesses and their customers

Designed in an easy-to-use manner, the mobile app was created to help small business owners communicate with clients and manage their orders more efficiently.

User can create a profile for their business, along with company details like website, location and contact information.

It also makes it easier for customers to message businesses with any questions or inquiries they might have.

The application has a similar logo to the original WhatsApp app, but instead of a phone symbol in the green speech bubble is a white B.

Authentic brands will be standing out with a green checkmark badge on their profile, right next to their name, once they have been verified.

A grey checkmark means that the business is using the same phone number as the business they claim to be. A grey question mark however, means that the profile has yet not been verified by WhatsApp.

Those are the ones you should look out for.

Whatsapp Business is only available for Android users in the US, UK, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico.

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