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Snapchat Lets You Snap Even To Those Without The App

Snapchat users can soon share Stories with people who aren’t on the app

Snapchat users will soon be able share their Stories with their friends who don’t even have the app.

Through their new update, Snapchat will let you send Official Stories, Our Stories and Search Stories to people who are otherwise of the app. They might even not need a smartphone.

The Stories you send can be watched through a new video player on their website, Snapchat.com.

The feature is however only available to the Snapchat users who received the latest update of the app. The new design and features started rolling out earlier this year.

Snapchat is trying to compete with companies with similar features, like Instagram Stories and Whatsapp Status.

However, it remains the leading “Stories” sharing app, with more than 178 million daily users.

To share your Stories, you need to swipe left on the home screen and go to the new Discover screen. Then tap and hold ‘Story’, select ‘Share Story’, and choose how you’d like to share your photo or video.

You can either copy a link to send it manually, or share it directly via SMS or email. The receiver, if not on Snapchat, will be able to see your Story on the website for 30 days.

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