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God of War Trailer is Out

A new kratos is coming to playstation 4 in God of War 4 game

Prepare yourself for a new Kratos and new world in the eighth installment of the God of War game for Playstation 4.

A re-imagined Kratos is returning for another epic adventure in the upcoming God of War reboot for Playstation 4.

Although the eighth installment of the video game franchise, it will be a direct sequel to God of War 3, and will be first to take place in a world inspired by Norse mythology.

Not only will this chapter of the story show us a world beyond the ancient Greek, but will also expose us a more caring, loving side of protagonist Kratos. Now a father, he struggles between being a father and a fearless one-man-army.

The game will be released on April 20, same day as Nintendo’s newest Switch accessory line, Nintendo Labo. It will however only be available exclusively for Playstation 4.

You can get a glimpse of the new Kratos and the new world in the trailer that was just released below.

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