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Know The Different License Plates in Qatar

Qatar different license plates, learn what each license plate means

It takes only one trip through Doha traffic to realize that there are many different license plates for cars in Qatar.

Have you ever noticed that not all license plates look the same in Qatar? That is because you should be able to recognize a vehicle’s function simply by the color scheme of its license plate.

Here’s what they mean:


These white plates with a small maroon section to the left look a lot like the Qatari flag. These plates mean that it is a private usage vehicle. If you get a car, similar plates will go on it.


Police cars are easy to spot because they have very vibrant, blue plates that can be spotted from far away.


Well, it doesn’t take much to figure out what this one means. The all-greyish license plate means taxi.


A commercial vehicle usually comes with all black license plate.

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