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ChaiOS Text Bomb Can Crash Your Apple Device

programmer Abraham Masri found a bug named ChaiOS that can shut down your iphone and apple device with the help of a small “text bomb”

A security specialist is saying that any iPhone of Apple device can crash with the help of a simple “text bomb”.

It was software developer Abraham Masri who tweeted about the flaw dubbed ChaiOS and a small “text bomb” can cause an iPhone, or any other Apple device, to crash, and possibly restart.

A simple message containing a link to the text bomb code that Masri posted on GitHubit is enough to activate ChaiOS and crash your phone. It works even if the recipient don’t click the link itself.

Masri said that he is used to find bug and “always reports [them]” before making them public. However, Apple has yet not commented on the issue.

How the company will deal with the matter remains unclear.

The bug is however nothing to worry about since your iPhone will turn on and function normally after it has been affected. It’s nothing more than just annoying.

Masri was decent enough to take down the code after it made its noise on social media, therefore disabling the “text bomb”. As he explains it, he simply wanted to get Apple’s notice and push them into taking such bugs more seriously.

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