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10 Levels of Weird Children

weird children weirdness level

Children are all very, very weird, but they don’t all come with the same level of weirdness.

Why children do the things they do, no one knows. Whether your child’s next big idea is genius or idiotic, we can all agree that kids are weird AF.

Level: I’m not cleaning this up, I’m embracing it

Why you don’t mess with beanbags from funny


Level: If it’s dark, I sleep

Turn your back for 30 seconds. from funny


Level: Let’s make life embarrassing for mommy and daddy

Took my daughter out for a nice dinner. from funny


Level: I scare the sh*t out of biker gangs

Aussie girls. from funny

Level: I’m Batman… but cooler

PsBattle: Child With Raft on his Head from photoshopbattles


Level: Food, mouth, now!

Friends niece loves popcorn. from funny


Level: Weirdest person alive

My friend is potty training her kid. This is how she poops when she’s cold. from funny


Level: It’s true as long as I believe it is

My son’s failed attempt at hide and seek from pics

Level: I’ve already been here too long

PsBattle: This girl with her head in a cannon from photoshopbattles


Level: Cuteness is evil

Beware of the ferocious fuzz ball from pics


Level: I’m an object

My son didn’t want to be a tiger or a superhero, he wanted to be a traffic light from pics

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