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China Will Ban Fossil Fuel Cars

China is looking to ban fossil fuel cars and focus on the electric cars market

Following the footsteps of Britain and France, China has announced that they will ban fossil fuel cars in the near future.

Despite not being clear on a timetable, the world’s largest automobile producers are now officially seeking to completely ban fossil fuel cars in the country.

Beijing has already started pressing local automakers to increase production of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The country’s industry ministry is currently developing a timetable to end the sales of fossil fuel cars, which will promote the development of electric technology and infrastructure.

Supported by the Communist bureau, it is believed that the ban will curb China’s oil imports and put it on top of the global electric cars market.

However, China is already leading. In 2015 they surpassed the US as the biggest electric cars market, where hybrid cars sales rose 50 percent to 336,000 while on 159,620 were sold in the Us.

Chinese automaker BYD Auto is the world’s biggest electric cars maker by number of vehicles sold. Their production line includes hybrid sedans and SUVs for the local market and completely electric taxis and buses for the US, Europe and Latin America as well.

The government has already asked state-owned power companies to accelerate installation of charging stations to encourage purchase and use of electric vehicles.

Volvo Cars, which is owned by Geely Holding Group, has announced plans to start manufacturing electric cars in China for the global market staring 2019.

General Motors, Volkswagen and Nissan have also showed interest in joint ventures with Chinese companies to make electric cars in China.

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