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Five Weird Buildings You Find in Lebanon

Airplane house, Miziara, is one of the weird buildings in Lebanon. Aziz Taher/Reuters/Metro

From its Mediterranean coastal capital Beirut to its beautiful mountain villages, Lebanon is filled with weird buildings.

The country is known for many things, but few people know about the weird buildings all over Lebanon.

With years of ancient civilizations followed by decades of war, Lebanon’s architecture has changed a lot over time, each era ushering in its own version of modernity.

One village is particularly known for its outlandish architectural designs. The weird houses on Miziara’s have for long made headlines with some looking like pyramids and others even like airplanes.

The Grudge

The Grudge building, Beirut, the961

The Grudge building, Beirut – The961

Located just by the sea, this Beirut building was built by one man to block the sea view from his brother’s building, hence devaluing it.

The Hope for Peace Monument

the Hope for Peace Monument in Yarzeh, Lebanon

The Hope for Peace Monument in Yarzeh, Lebanon.

Located near the Ministry of National Defence in Yarzeh, the Hope for Peace Monument was built in 1995 to commemorate the end of the 25-year long civil war. It is made up of 78 military vehicles and a whole lot of concrete.

The Airplane House

The Airplane House , Miziara, Lebanon - Gaia Squarci/Vice

The Airplane House , Miziara, Lebanon – Gaia Squarci/Vice

Built in 1975 in Miziara, this house was made in the exact shape and size of an Airbus A380 aircraft. The house have two floors, 30 airplane windows and two reactors on each wing.

The Pyramid House

The Pyramid House , Miziara, Lebanon. All photos by Gaia Squarci. Vice

The Pyramid House , Miziara, Lebanon – Gaia Squarci/Vice

The Airplane House man’s brother built this equally weird house in Miziara in the 90s. With an exterior resembling a pyramid, the interior of the house has a design inspired by ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Greek Temple House

Greek Temple House - Miziara, Lebanon, the961

Greek Temple House, Miziara, Lebanon – the961

Another local at Miziara wanted to outdo the two brothers and went on to build himself a Greek temple-styled home. A trip to Baalbek seemed to far, so he brought Baalbek up to Miziara.

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