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Exploring The Halal Dating App “SecondWife”

secondwife halal dating app helps you find a second wife (polygamy)

SecondWife, a UK-based halal dating app for Muslims looking to expand their families with a second wife.

Odd enough as it sounds, it exists. While dating apps are usually intended to to match and introduce single people to one another, SecondWife is intended for finding a second wife.

In Islam, it is permissible for a man to be married to up to four women at once, given that he gives all equal love, attention and support. However, it is rare to find Muslim men with more than one spouse nowadays, even less men seeking more wives through dating apps.

According to the Daily Mail, SecondWife has more than 100,000 active users. As many as 25,000 users are based in the UK alone, where polygamy is illegal and could be punished by up to 7 years in jail.

In their about page, the website says that they set up the service to “revive” a Sunnah – polygamy.

SecondWife ensure to keep all users’ information private and secured, while only you can grant privilege of access to whomever you want.

Odd idea, maybe. But with tens of thousands, if not millions, of polygamists around the world trying to find the perfect second, third, or fourth wife, this might be a healthy, fast and safe way to meet similarly minded people.

Would you ever use a similar app?

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