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Lebanon First Win at Rugby League World Cup

The Cedars from Lebanon won their first Rugby League World Cup match against France

For the first time in history, Lebanon beat France in a Rugby League World Cup match.

Although they have played and qualified before, the win was the first ever Lebanon has to its name at the Rugby League World Cup.

The Lebanese rugby team, also known as the “Cedars”, beat the French team 29 to 18. After the historic victory, the Cedars will be facing the Australian team in England.

It had been since 2000 that Lebanon hadn’t qualified to the Rugby League World Cup, when it failed to win any qualifiers. Now however, they are back with a new spirit, unbreakable determination and unprecedented momentum.

The fact that they won over France, a country where rugby is more widely played and watched than Lebanon, shows that the team has improved exponentially since their last international appearance.

The Cedars owe the victory to newcomer Mitchell Moses, who took home a whooping 13 points.

With only seven minutes left to the game, the score was tied at 18 – 18. Moses stepped up at the last moment with a field goal at 35 meters and stole the victory with ease.

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