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10 Worst Fashion Trends You Should Avoid

Worst fashion trends you need to stop right now!

This is a list of 10 of the worst fashion trends in history that people need to stop right away.

Well, fashion trends come and go, and what was hot yesterday in not today. However, sometimes we just jump into what we are told is hot with ever really considering how stupid our wardrobe choices are.

To help you stay away from making bad decisions, we have 10 of the worst fashion trends of all time, stay away from them all.

Nose Hair Extensions

Lets nip this in the bud before people are actually walking around with fake hair shooting out of their nostrils. As humans, we have spent our entire history figuring out how to lose much of our body hair, outgrown nose hairs too.

Just don’t! You’ll look like a grandpa who gave up on self-maintenance decades ago.

Bell-Bottoms (Flares)

Common, we know they were hot in the 60s and 70s, but all of us born after that era have bell-bottom pants every time we saw any – don’t let your children laugh at your wardrobe choices one day.

Even though they have been trying to make many comebacks, keep fighting them.

Fur Slippers

We know they cost a lot and are designer made, but they make you look like a drug dealer’s cheap girlfriend.

You want people to take you seriously and look you in the eyes when they speak to you, don’t divert their attention with a fake dead animal on your feet.

Anything Designed by Kanye West

If you think you’re fabulous because you’re wearing something Kanye “designed”, you’re most likely as delusional as he is.

His sneakers might be cool, but the rest of his clothes is just drool.

White Round-Neck Under-Tees

Just remembering that I did this a decade ago brings me much embarrassment. What were we trying to accomplish by showing edges of our white T-shirt under other pieces of clothing anyway?

The 90’s is long gone, and so is this “fashion trend”.

Harem Pants

These were literally designed by men so that they could watch your bum jiggle as you pass them buy. Not to be misunderstood, harem pants look great… the first two-three times you wear them and then they just look like over used pyjamas.

Wear them out a few times, but then they shall forever be your home alone pants.

Mini Hats

There are like three people in the world who can casually pull off wearing a mini hat, you’re most likely not one of them.

Fitness Trackers

You are not working out at a fine restaurant, nor at the cocktail party, so you’re not tricking anyone. They go well with sports bras and leggings, but if you’re wearing ANYTHING slightly above casual, don’t include your fitbit.

Low Rise Jeans

Unless you want to look like a cheap white girl with no curves or form, just don’t.


The Juicy Couture (and likes) tracksuits were cute for a while, but there’s a reason they went broke. Why they were invented in the first place, we don’t know. But what we do know, is that their time is over!

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