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Qatar E-Visa Available For 242 Nationalities

Nationals from 242 countries can enter Qatar via an electronic visa (e-visa)

Two days after announcing visa-free entry for 80 nations, Qatar announces e-visa availability for travelers from 242 countries.

Nationals from many countries felt left out earlier this week when Qatar introduced visa-free entry to the country. However, authorities have clarified that people travelling to Qatar from more than 242 countries can use the e-visa service.

“These nationalities were chosen in a very careful and scientific way considering certain factors such as passport strength and spending capacity. This is an ongoing process and more nationalities may be added in the future. Our main objective is to open Qatar to more visitors,” Chief Tourism Development Officer at Qatar Tourism Authority Hassan Al Ibrahim told The Peninsula.

The electronic visa service can be accessed online and will save travelers time and effort, both before their trip and upon arrival in Qatar.

The e-visa, launched in June, is a progressive way to seek a visa in a more efficient and transparent manner.

Applying for an e-visa costs around $28 in addition to a $14 processing fee, and can be applied to through www.qatarvisaservices.com.

The system itself is optimized to automatically select the visa type based on factors such as the applicant’s duration of visit, nationality and country of residence.

However, eligible GCC residents will automatically receive one of the following types of visas: GCC residents entry permit, GCC residents companion entry permit, or GCC nationals companion entry permit.

To benefit from the e-visa service, applicants need to have electronic passports which are valid for at least six months beyond the estimated date of arrival to Qatar.

They will also be asked to upload:

  • A colored scan of their passport information
  • Passport-size photo
  • Airline ticket*
  • Hotel reservation or proof of place of residency in Qatar

*Qatar Airways passengers are not required to submit a copy of their ticket.

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