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Have Mummified Aliens Been Found?

One of the mummified aliens found in the Nazca desert of Peru - Gaia

Researchers claim that they have found mummified aliens in the Nazca desert of Peru. Could they be real?

Three bodies that allegedly belong to mummified aliens have been found in Peru’s Nazca desert, ufologists claim. While many have rubbed the claim off as a hoax, others believe them to be true.

The bodies are about 168 centimeters each, completely covered in white, and have three long fingers and toes.

Several researchers have taken interest in the find, like professor with the National Research University in St. Petersburg Konstantin Korotkov, who took part in the international expedition.

Right now they are working trying to”compare the genes of the mummy with the genes of different people,” he told Sputnik.

“After that, it will become clear whether it is a Cro-Magnon, namely, a mutation of our species, or it’s another kind of creature. At the moment, we can’t draw deeper conclusions,” he said.

Korotkov himself is very skeptical about the bodies belonging to aliens, but rather believes that they could “belong to one of the groups of humanoids that inhabited our planet thousands of years ago and then disappeared from the earth due to certain natural processes.”

Samples from the three bodies are currently being tested in the US, Mexico and Russia in order to fully investigate their authenticity and understand their origin.

Scientists are still trying to figure out the composition of the white substance that was used to mummify the bodies. However, Korotkov said it “corresponds to the South American tradition of using herbal tinctures for mummifying bodies.”

The climate in that part of Peru could have played a vital role in preserving the bodies. “The Nazca desert is a real desert, there is never any rain, there is no humidity and, accordingly, there are no bacteria and microbes that could damage the mummy. This area completely lacks bacterial background,” Korotkov stated.

Whether alien or not is still not sure, but “obviously, this is not a fake,” Korotkov believes. “It could be a mutation or another kind of creature that is fundamentally different from us. This is the main issue that we can’t answer yet.”

Let’s hope that they come back to us with some juicy answers really soon.

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