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Qatar Is Becoming Self-Sufficient In Dairy Products

Qatar Is Becoming Self-Sufficient In Dairy Products

“In nine months, Qatar can be self-sufficient [In dairy products]”, says Ramiz Al Khayat, the vice president of Baladna company.

A few weeks ago, most dairy products came in to Qatar from neighboring Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Over the last weeks however, they have been coming in from Turkey, something that e vice president of Baladna, Ramiz Al Khayat, believes is “temporary”, according to Gulf News.

For the past month, local companies have been working tirelessly to step up production of dairy products in a bid to achieve full self-sufficiency within nine months.

While there has been worries over possible shortages of milk, yogurt and types of cheese, it seems like Qatar has the situation under control. This comes as no surprise since local produce have always been favored over imported goods.

Al Khayat said that facilities are upgrading fast to meet the market demand, and predicts that the country will become self-reliant within just nine months.

“We’re working seven days a week. The new dairy facility will be a solution to the problem facing the country,” he said.

Baladna, which currently cares for more than 20,000 heads of sheep and goats, are upgrading their stalls to accommodate some 4,000 cows.

At the moment, Turkish dairy products can be found on supermarket shelves, but soon enough it will all be local, Al Khayat believes.

In June, local businessman Moutaz Al Khayyat, chairman of Power International Holding, announced that he will be flying 4,000 cows into the country via Qatar Airways. The cattle was bought from Australia and the US, and are being shipping into Qatar on as many as 60 flights.

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