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10 Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

10 Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

Learn 10 simple etiquette rule that you should know and practice on daily basis that will make you stand out.

The biggest misconception about etiquette is the terms improper association with class. While many look at it as a code of conduct for upper-class society, it is actually more about manners and politeness.

It’s time to bring back chivalry. Carry yourself like a lady/gentleman with these 10 simple guidelines.

Wearing perfume

Everyone likes to smell nice, and everyone enjoys the company of someone who smells nice, but remember to always wear perfume in moderation. If you can still smell your own perfume after a few hours, everyone else is probably already sick of it.

Walking a lady

A gentleman should always walk on the left side of a lady, and if intimate, offer his right arm with a bent elbow for her to hold on to. However, it is acceptable for a military man to walk on a woman’s right side since he should always be ready to salute.

Keep matters private

It is considered poor manners to discuss wealth, family quarrels, religion, medical problems, love affairs, gifts, honor and disgrace with someone who is not intimate or a direct kin of yours. It is also considered rude to discuss a woman’s age.

Be the bigger man/woman

If you happen to end up in a verbal dispute and the other person starts to raise their voice and saying direct insults, it is best to just smile, and if possible, walk away. You will be seen as the greater person for not sinking to their level.

Focus on your date

When you are out with someone intimately, do not give in to distractions, keep your focus on the person you’re with. This means that you should not be answering phone calls, opening unnecessary conversations with someone else, or browse through your phone.

An invitation is an invitation

If you ask someone to join you over food by using any term that might imply an invitation, be ready to pay for the meal. It is rude to split the bill with someone you insisted on to join you. However, even if a woman asked a man to join her over dinner, it is advised that the man offers to pay for the meal, and it is acceptable for the woman to allow it.

Don’t disrespect company

Whether you’re with one person or a group, it is rude to keep your phone in your hand or directly in front of you. Other than serving as a possible means for distraction, it comes off as if you’re uninterested in the company and is ready for whatever comes up.

Hold discussions in person

It doesn’t matter how urgent, personal, intimate or angry, when there is a serious discussion you should hold it in person. It is rude to discuss an important matter with someone over the phone, especially if the subject could upset the other person.

Greet whomever you meet

Regardless of professional or social standing, when you enter a room, you should always be the first one greet everyone there. And if you happen to meet an acquaintance while with company, always introduce the two parties to each other.

Respect privacyRespect privacy

You should’ve learned this growing up, it is bad manners to listen in on conversations you are not supposed to be a part of. The same rule applies to sneaking into or peeking over someone else’s phone, or reading their mail.

And a final tipDining manners

When you’re dining at a fine restaurant or dinner party, remember these rules.

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