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Last The Fast With Ramadan Energy Bar

Ramadan Energy bar box

The Ramadan Energy bar from Fajr Foods promises you maintained energy from dusk ‘til dawn.

Swiss-based Fajr Foods has come up with the perfect suhur snack to keep you energized throughout the day, the Ramadan Energy Bar. The all natural, low-fat, chocolate-flavored bars are the world’s first designed for people who are fasting, and promises energy that last up to 9 hours.

The snack bar is a “unique” blend of both simple and complex carbohydrates and protein that will maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day, according to the product’s website.

When you wake up for suhur, your body’s glucose levels are already low and needs to be restocked, this makes suhur as important as breakfast. But just like with a regular breakfast, if you don’t eat right, you’ll use up the energy food you’ve eaten within a few hours, leading to a kick followed by a crash.

This is why you need to have a meal that is made up of both protein and complex carbohydrates, since they take longer to break down.

Ramadan Energy Bar gets its power from a blend of 16 energy-packed ingredients – rice flour, maltitol syrup, cornstarch, unsweetened chocolate, soy protein isolate, fiber (polydextrose), rice bran, honey, soybean oil, cocoa butter, fructose, barley malt extract, salt, natural flavor and soy lecithin.

Their website also states that the bar is perfect for people suffering from diabetes, as it “can decrease nighttime and morning low blood sugar” and has been found to “maintain blood sugar for 9-10 hours” in diabetic.

The Ramadan Energy Bar by Fajr Foods

The Ramadan Energy Bar by Fajr Foods.

At the moment the Ramadan Energy Bar is sold only in the UK through Amazon and in the US through Fajr Foods’ website, but the Fajr Foods founder Farid Sanders told Muslim Girl that he hopes to see the products in supermarkets soon.

If you end up getting your hands on one of these energy-boosters this Ramadan, please share with us your experience and thoughts.

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