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Ramadan Activities In Qatar – 2017

Ramadan Activities In Qatar - 2017

If you are lucky enough to be spending the Holy Month in Qatar, you will be able to enjoy a large selection of Ramadan activities.

You better be ready, for the holy month of Ramadan is starting this weekend and Qatar will be lit. From daily iftar and suhur, and Quran reciting competitions, to Ramadan bazaars and festivals. every single venue in the country has special Ramadan activities to offer.

Museum of Islamic Art

MIA Doha

Like every year, the MIA is putting on a variety of unique Ramadan activities throughout the holy month.

Talks and lectures

Every evening from 9:00 after iftar until 10:30, the MIA will host well-known speakers who will be giving lectures on Ramadan, Islamic History and Islamic Art.

Activities for children

Children are always the ones to have the most fun during Ramadan, and at MIA that fact is no different. Each night, there will be engaging live storytelling session and activities for children to enjoy. They can weave their own paper rug, build a model of the Kaab’a, or come down on June 7 to take part in this year’s Garangao.

Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village

Experience Islamic traditions and cultures from all over the world at this year’s ​Katara Ramadan Festival.

From 10:00 in the morning, until just before midnight, Katara Cultural Village will be hosting a variety of lectures, exhibitions, competitions, entertainment and educational activities for the whole family.

Iftar and Suhur

ramadan food

The daily highlights of Ramadan are undeniably iftar and suhur. After fasting for a whole, long, hot, summer day, you want to enjoy a good meal and relax in a comforting atmosphere.

Several hotels and restaurants has special programs throughout the whole month. You can check out what’s going on where on Marhaba and I Love Qatar’s Ramadan site.

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