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25 Epic Design Fails

Design fails

These 25 design fails will leave you totally confused about how they happened.

If there’s anything you could learn from these design fails, it is to never choose price over quality and to always proofread.

When you need people to know you’re in a hurry – Reddit


When the wristwatch rebelled – Reddit

When you live with the Elastic-Man – Reddit

When you wanna pick the wrong color every time – Reddit

The world’s most boring event ever – Reddit

A perverts paradise – Reddit

When not even Google Translate can help you – Reddit

“I don’t know what it does, but it goes here.” – Reddit

Sorry, I just ate? – Reddit

Are you ready to party like it’s 20107? – Reddit

When you like to make kids feel like failures – Reddit

Just a reminder – Reddit

In case you’ve got x-ray vision – Reddit

It’s the thought that counts, no? – Reddit

When you mean one thing but say another thing – Reddit

Don’t you need math to get into design school? – Reddit

Who said anatomy and fun don’t go together? – Reddit

And that’s how lions went extinct – Reddit

Please take a step closer before reading – Reddit

Overpopulation problem, or? – Reddit

Identity crisis – Reddit

This is why you need to try clothes on before buying them – Reddit

It could’ve been just some holiday weight – Reddit

How else would you know who’s outside? – Reddit

Aaris was lovely this year – Reddit

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