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The world’s Largest Monoprix Hits Doha

The world’s Largest Monoprix Hits Doha

Doha has become home to a Monoprix so large it is a mall within a mall, in the heart of Doha Festival City.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Doha became home to Doha Festival City, a huge, dynamic and vibrant mall that offered a unique shopping experience to the country. But today, that mall has a huge mall within it, Monoprix.

Monoprix comes from a chain of popular French supermarkets and larger hypermarkets around the world. Out of its hundreds of stores in hundreds of cities all over the globe, the one that opened in Doha Festival City over the weekend is the largest.

Well, despite the fact that most supermarkets offer the same or similar products, what makes this one stand out is a wider variety as well as experience.

Like their other branch in Dafna which has been around for a while, they offer international and local produce, as well as daily freshly made sandwiches and pastries.

However, this mega-branch stands out with its larger selection of special sections. They include a huge section dedicated to candy and sweets, a special counter for cheese products, a section for organic produce, as well as shelves dedicated to gluten-free products.

Alongside food and groceries, they offer a wide selection of homeware and clothes. And if you get tired from walking around, or are waiting for someone, or even just looking for a refreshing break, you can have a bite and/or a drink at the in-store cafe.

Monoprix at Doha Festival City is open all week, from 9 AM until 10 PM from Sunday to Wednesday, and from 9 AM until midnight on weekend, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

However, visitors should keep in mind that the store is closed for 90 minutes of Fridays during afternoon prayers.

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