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Qatar To Host The 2017 Mindsports World Championship

2017 Mindsports World Championship poster

The Qatar Tourism Authority has announced that Doha will be hosting the 2017 Mindsports World Championship, do you have what it takes?

Challenge your mind, as well as the minds of everyone else at the 4th Mindsports World Championship.

The Mindsports Academy and Qatar Tourism Authority have announced that Qatar will be the host nation of the 2017 Mindsports World Championship, which will be taking place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center from August 19 until 27.

The mindsports championships is an international tournament designed for the fittest and fastest minds. It is held over four main categories, Scrabble, Chess, Go and e-Sports, and is open for anyone who believes they got what it takes.

Over the course of 9 days, more than 1,500 mind-athletes are expected to challenge each other’s brains for the prize pot of $200,000.

The e-Sports category is expected to be very popular with Qatari youth, since it will be played over matches of the popular FIFA 17 football game. Tens of thousand of players have taken up FIFA 17 as their favorite pastime activity in Qatar and the region.

The Scrabble events will include the World Scrabble Championships and the Junior World Championships, as well as multi-language tournaments for competitors who don’t converse in English.

Chess will be be played over three set of rules, Bug House, Blitz and Rapid.

However, the Go category will be a congress event and will involve a number of smaller tournaments throughout the week. There will also be Go workshops hosted by professional players.

If you feel that you can excel in any of the categories, or simply want to see how well you’d do against others, you can easily sign up for a contender spot through the event’s website.

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