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Have You Tried YouTube TV Yet?

YouTube is taking on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and cable TV companies with YouTube TV, their very own digital programming service.

People living in specific areas in the United States can forget about their TVs and cable subscriptions, YouTube TV has got them covered.

With a subscription to YouTube TV, viewers are able to stream live programming from five of the US’s largest broadcast networks. With the tap of a finger, one can watch ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox Broadcasting Company and NBC, as well as around 40 cable channels that these networks own.

Channels included in a regular YouTube TV subscription

Channels included in a regular YouTube TV subscription

Your first question would be, how is this any different from my Netflix subscription? Well, not only will you watch everything live, the same time as on TV, but you’ll also not have to wait for your favorite shows and movies to be available. Not to forget live coverage programs which you most likely won’t be able to watch on other online programming providers.

The new service was launched on February 28, 2017, and will only cost subscribers $35 a month. It is slightly more than your Netflix subscription, but it will save you a cable subscription.

YouTube TV comes with a DVR service, meaning that you can record all your favorite shows to watch them at another time. And this works on more than one show at a time.

An account can be used by upto 6 users, making it perfect for people living in shared apartments, families and college students.

At the moment, their website states that YouTube TV is only available in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia & San Francisco Bay Area, but are promising that more areas will have it soon.

Now that doesn’t mean much for everyone who lives outside of the United States, but we can always hope that it will reach us sooner than later. After all, even Netflix made it to the Middle East eventually.

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