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Qatar And FIFA Looking Into Pre-2022 Events

Qatar And FIFA Looking Into Pre-2022 Events

Qatar is currently involved in talks with FIFA, discussing the possibility of hosting other FIFA events ahead of 2022.

Qatar and FIFA are looking into the possibility of Doha hosting several major international football tournaments before hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Among them might be the Club World Cup, which is currently held by Real Madrid, the Peninsula cited AFP.

Two other tournaments that Qatar could also possibly host are the Under-17 and Under-20 World Cups.

All three championships are allegedly part of the bilateral talks between Qatari authorities and the world football governing body, FIFA.

If an agreement is reached, the competitions would most likely take place in Qatar throughout 2021, a year before the grand 2022 Qatar hosting of the FIFA World Cup.

The hosting would serve Qatar in several ways, most importantly, they will get the chance to test their brand new infrastructure that they have been spending billions of dollars developing ahead of 2022.

Usually, country’s hosting the World Cup get the chance to test the waters a year ahead hosting the Confederations Cup. However, Qatar’s intensely hot summers forced the federation to look for another host.

While a host for the 2021 Confederations Cup hasn’t been selected yet, it has been announced that it will still be played within the Asian Football Federation.

Qatar has been preparing for 2022 with massive development projects, spending nearly half a billion US dollars each week, and is expected to keep spending as much up until the time of the games.

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