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Dubai Frame Gets Clad In Gold

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame, the huge monument capturing the beauty of modern day Dubai is being covered in shiny gold, framing the city in glitter.

Driving along Sheikh Zayed Road, it is not hard to notice the new shimmer in the sky. Dubai Frame, a monument meant promote “the new face for Dubai”, is being covered in shining gold.


The 150 meter high frame is the Emirate’s newest landmark, which if looked at from one side frames the beauty of modern Dubai, while from the other side depicts the heritage of the old city.

Estimated to cost Dh160 million ($43.5 million), the Frame is located near the Star Gate, above Zabeel Park.

The monument was designed by architect Fernando Donis, and consists of two towers,each 150 meters high and 93 meters apart. The two towers are connected by a 100 square meter bridge, which is currently being clad in sparkling gold.

Construction on the Frame started back in the latter part of 2013, and have been going through final instalments during the last week, such as gold stainless steel plating.

Photos of the Dubai Frame with parts covered in gold started circulating on social media this week, most from Dubai residents who posted amateur photos on instagram and twitter.

Dubai Municipality have revealed of plans to use the ground space between the two towers for exhibitions, with special focus on old Dubai, showing how the city has transformed since the sixties.

The towers also host a panoramic elevator that goes all the way up to the Frame’s top floor, as high up as 50 stories.

At the top, visitors can enjoy a full panoramic view of Dubai, both the new and the old. To one side lies old Dubai, Al Karama, Umm Hurair, Bur Dubai and Deira, while new Dubai lies on the other side.

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