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Menstrual Leave Could Become A Thing

Menstrual Leave Could Become A Thing

Officials at a European country are trying to give women who experience painful periods the right to ask for menstrual leave.

The lower house of the Italian parliament have started discussion over a draft lave that, if approved, would grant women the right to ask for a three-day paid menstrual leave each months to deal with painful periods.

If the law goes through, Italy would become the first Western country with a law that mandates that companies should grant women leaves during menstruation.

The has been criticized by some as it has been hailed by many. It is seen as a large step forward to helping women with painful cramps and the recognition of the women menstrual cycle and what women on their periods go through, however, some are regarding it as a law that would lead to less women getting jobs within demanding careers.

Legally, Italy is a rather woman-friendly country. They have laws such as five month paid maternity leave that are mandatory, meaning that neither the employer nor the mother can refuse it. During these six month, women are paid 80 percent of their salaries, paid by the Italian INPS, a social security branch.

However, women in Italy have it very hard to secure a well paying job, and in some cases, any job. The country has the lowest rate of women participation in the workforce in entire Europe, with only 61 percent of all women working. The European average is at 72 percent.

Yet and still, recent medical research has found that different women experience periods differently. While some experience mild cramps, others have unbearable pain. It wouldn’t be logical to expect someone who is having uncontrollable extreme pain to come into work and be productive.

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